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    I had my first surgery, a spinal fusion from T3 to L3 with instrumentation, on June 17. The doctor used all dissolvable stitches. He had to go back in on June 29 to clean out the wound and remove the bone graft. This time, he closed with staples.

    My staples have been removed, but for the last week, I have had a portion of a white stitch appear on the upper part of my back. I am starting to notice that at other places along my scar, more white stitches are starting to appear. Is my body rejecting the stitch and pushing it to the surface? Has anyone else had an experience where the internal dissolvable stitches DON'T dissolve and push their way to the skin? I feel like that is what is happening to me. Any suggestions?

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    Hi Jenny...

    That has happened to me several times in the past. I think it's probably best to talk to your doctor's office about it. You need to be careful about pulling on them, because if it's a running stitch, you could end up disturbing more than just what's showing.


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    I went to the DR last week and he clipped the visible stitches. Don't pull on them, I did and made my self bleed.
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