Here's a link to a series of three videos starring Min Mehta. I think it is a phenomenal series of videos. Well-worth anyone watching who deals with scoliosis.

I re-watched the videos and took the liberty of writing down the final words of Miss Mehta in the third video. Fascinating.

Min Mehta:

In the very early stages, scoliosis can be cured by the child's growth if we take appropriate early steps to do that.

All of us are now conditioned to believing that once a child has a scoliosis, it's there forever. So we have to change our thinking and entertain another idea, which is that scoliosis increases with growth because we allow it to.


Looking now at your 88 children who've grown straight, how does that make you feel?

Min Mehta:

Good. Happy. And helpful that they can persuade others who treat spinal deformities to look again at the possibility of curing scoliosis...NOT just in infants, but also in adolescence.