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Thread: Cervical Curve

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    Cervical Curve

    I'm having trouble finding very much information about cervical curves. My daughter is an RSC brace and it's correcting her lumbar and thoracic curves but doing nothing for her 20* cervical curve.

    How bad is a CC? Do they have more or less likelihood of progressing? (She's 11 with a Risser of 0).

    I also notice lately that she walks with her head bent down a lot, almost like she's looking at her toes. I tell her "Head up!" but I don't know if it really matters.

    Thanks for any info.

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    Red face Cervical Curve

    Hi. I see that you have gotten no responses, so I will tell you what I know. Yes, I think the cervical number (angle) is very important. According to the CLEAR Institute literature it is the very first thing that needs to be fixed before anything else can be done (so they say; there are other thoughts on this too...) Our orthopedic does not normally measure the angle on an XRay, but they CAN, if you can talk them into it. Technically, the established medical community does not use the angle for much, I don't think. Our chiropractor scoliosis specialist is the only one who measured it for us. My daughter's head tilts to one side also. Eleven with a Risser of 0 can mean she has a lot of growing left to do. A lot depends on heredity if it will progress and by how much. That's all I know, hope it helps a little.

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