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An interesting study on the effect of minocycline after spinal cord ischemia in rats. It was found to improve hind-limb motor function and attenuated gray and white matter injury and microglial activation after spinal cord ischemia in rats.

So there could very well have been an effect on my daughter's compensatory curve while taking minocycline and later isotretinoin.

It's an interesting article. I was reading about their descriptions of minocycline in the introduction section and evidently it has known clinical effects apart from its anti-microbial action. They then go on to describe a few other studies including 1 open-label trial with recent stroke survivors and suggested that those who received minocylcine had better outcomes.

In the present study, the rats that received minocycline had almost total recovery after 72 hours, as measured with the BBB score, whereas the control group mostly remained completely paralyzed.