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Thread: Drugs with anti-inflammatory properties may help scoliosis?

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    Drugs with anti-inflammatory properties may help scoliosis?

    Some time back, I had mentioned that my daughter's compensatory curve had temporarily decreased while she was taking Solodyn, as shown by x-ray. Solodyn is an extended-release formula of minocycline, and has been shown to have much greater effect with its anti-inflammatory properties than just regular minocycline.

    Interestingly enough, my daughter has finished a course of isotretinoin (commonly known as Accutane), which is an extremely powerful acne medicine that was initially used for chemotherapy (and still is in some cases). It is not a medication that should be used lightly, in fact my daughter developed complications from its use (although the doctor who initially prescribed it to her gave her double the dose that should have been used for her weight which led to the complications- and he was a Stanford Medical School grad and top of his class in biochemistry!) and I actually regret having put her on the drug.

    I read a research paper on isotretinoin that stated that after completing a course of this medication, there was a significant decrease in most inflammatory markers in the bloodstream of the people in the study. I believe one inflammatory marker increased (or at least stayed the same) if I remember correctly.

    For any researchers that read this site, it is interesting that my daughter's compensatory curve has basically disappeared in her last x-ray. Is it related to the medication? I obviously don't know...but it makes me believe there may be some validity to Dingo's theories of bug or virus causation, or perhaps just the kind of inflammatory response individuals have. It seems to me it would be interesting to look into whether there was any sort of interaction.

    Anyhow, just an interesting aside that I thought I would share for those people interested in the causes and possible cures of scoliosis.
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