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Thread: The Science of Pain Sean Mackey, MD, PhD Stanford School of Medicine

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    The Science of Pain Sean Mackey, MD, PhD Stanford School of Medicine

    I can't believe I ran into this video while searching for something else, just as the discussion on pain in the thread re: meditation and pain is being discussed on this forum.

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    This is an excellent video of pain and the current research. Watch through to the end of the video, because it ends on a hopeful note. I hope this might help those who are suffering from pain in some way.

    A couple of interesting comments from Dr. Mackey:

    This country is generating an epidemic of chronic pain due to the 40 million surgeries per year performed. 90% of surgical patients recover fine from pain of surgery, the other 10% suffer chronic unremitting pain.

    Dr. Mackey says he tries to get patients in to see him earlier because it's easier to make an impact on these chronic pain patients early before it becomes a catastrophe in their lives.

    Chronic pain causes fundamental alterations of the brain and central nervous system. Structural changes in the gray matter of the brain, shrinkage of various areas of the brain.

    The video:

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    Here's another related interview:

    Melanie Thernstrom on
    The Pain Chronicles

    Chronic pain, according to a recent report by the nonprofit Mayday Fund, afflicts more than 70 million Americans and costs the economy $100 billion per year. Yet, it's poorly understood and often untreated - realities that author Melanie Thernstrom would like to see changed, and which she discusses in her new bestselling book, The Pain Chronicles. In this podcast, Thernstrom discusses her own experience with chronic pain, historical approaches to the disease, and the state of research into its causes and potential treatments. Length: 28 min

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