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Thread: 2 year post op- problems

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    2 year post op- problems

    Wow..Have not been here in a while!! My 13 year old daughter is 2 years post op. Seh has done wonderful since her surgery to have the rods inserted. Never had any problems at all.
    Now the lower portion left portion of her back is swollen. She says it does not really hurt but feels tight, and she said it feels weird when she lays down becaue she is uneven???
    I have talked to her surgeon and he will nto be in town until next week so we will see him then. He says that if there is no fever or anything, then he will see her next week, but if fever comes then i will have to drive to the hospital where he is at.
    Anyone have any problems like this??

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    I don't know what that could be. I wonder if infection associated with surgery can be ruled out from the surgery. Can you post with what it turns out to be?

    Also, can you please post or PM another parent whose son might have SMA? I really think it would help. Here is the thread...

    Thanks in advance and good luck with your daughter.
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