I went in for my first neurosurgeon consult today and had the worst time ever! You would think a top doctor at the Royal Victoria hospital in Montreal would be a little more professional and would not answer his phone during a consultation. Nor would he continue to stay on the phone ( with an interior decorator) discussing what colors the interior of his boat should be for 30 minutes while his patient stares at him in disbelief!

If anyone is in Montreal I would suggest not going to see Dr. Goulet!

Not only did he do what I described above but he also payed no attention to what I was actually telling him. He repeatedly asked the same questions he had asked minutes before and went from telling me that surgery is a premature option at 27 for me to , after having finally hung up the phone, saying surgery was my only option and would I want to book an appointment for it. Wow.... just wow.... like I would ever let someone like this come anywhere near my spine with a scalpel. ha!