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Thread: Started a scoliosis blog - Michigan

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    Started a scoliosis blog - Michigan

    Hi - this is a duplicate thread that I started in the first time surgery section, but thought I would post it in revision surgery and non-surgical as well. I haven't been on these sections much, but I do spend alot of time in the 1st time surgery section.

    Thought I would share a blog I created and have transitioned from being just about my surgery for family and friends, into a resource for others with adult scoliosis. I am aiming to focus on building a network of scoliosis adults in Michigan, especially the Lansing area. We have nothing that I have been able to find local or statewide that provides support. This forum does much of what a blog does, but I have found not everyone is comfortable with this large forum so I am sharing experience on the blog. I also posted a pre and post surgery picture.

    Hope to find some Michiganders out there.
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    Shari - 55 years old
    Pre-Surgery 62 degree thorasic curve with shifting.
    Post op 13 degree curve.
    Successful surgery 4/15/10, T3-L2 fused.
    2nd surgery to reopen incision 10" to diagnose infection, 5/18/10
    Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI - the late Dr. Harry Herkowitz

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    My blog also

    My blog is at:

    I am in Colorado but with the internet I feel right next door!

    11/1976 15th B-day
    Fusion with Harrington Rod, Milw, WI
    T4 to L4
    Pre-Surgery: 76 & 80
    Post-Surgery: 18 & 21

    5/2010 48 yrs old, Thornton, CO
    Flat Back, severe arthritis on bottom, severe pain & can barely walk

    7/13/2010 surgery - anterior
    7/27/2010 surgery - posterior
    8/30/2010 infection in abdomen surgery - 5 in hole
    10/28/2010 infection surgery - bigger hole
    11/03/2010 more infection surgery (18 cm by 14 cm hole), 20 lbs of flesch & tissue removed & wound vac attached

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