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Thread: Need help for my daughter please

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    Quote Originally Posted by leahdragonfly View Post
    Hi Mommycat,

    I am sure your login and password will be activated soon. Sometimes it takes a day or two, since Maria has 3 kids AND devotes so much time to helping other scoli families. I will look forward to your posting there soon.
    LOL, Gayle - I am busy, that's true, but I did manage to write back to mommycat.

    Mommycat - please just reply to my email with the username you registered with - so I will know that its' you - and I will approve your membership immediately.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at
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    Hi MommyCat,

    I too am a member of the VBS will find it very helpful. My daughter is 5 and wears a Boston brace 23/7. I found that the key to the fit was making sure it was made and adjusted right. The person who made Liliana's brace "casted" her for it (insteadofjust measuring) and now it fits like a glove and she never complains about it not fitting right. Please, make sure the fit is great for yours. Adjust, adjust, adjust...

    I also want to support the views about traveling to Shriner's Philadelphia. Dr. Betz and Janet Cerrone are worth the trip. We make a vacation out of it and hit NYC or an amusement park.They are the best from what I have found with the "juvenile" cases like ours and it doesn't hurt that you don't have toworry about insurance issues as you woudl with other U.S.-based providers.

    Good Luck...


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    My daughter was in a similar situation.

    Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum also. My daughter Taylor also has two curves and currently is in a boston brace. She is 12 now and has had the brace for about 9 months. She was diagnosed when she was 8 but fortunately her curves progress slowly the first couple of years. My daughter wears her brace about 16-18 hours a day. More would be better but we are thankful to keep her in it that much. She often complains that is it uncomfortable for long car rides or sitting in a hard, straight chair for long periods. Other than checking to see if the brace needs to be adjusted, I would just try to plan out your days as best as you can. If you know you will have a long car ride ahead of you or some other activity that is difficult for her than maybe you can plan to have that be your daughter's out of brace time. Or if that doesn't work sometimes we just loosen Taylor's a little bit temporarily and that helps. I know we all do our very best to keep our kids in their braces as much as possible but in our house sometimes things come up and she doesn't get quite as many hours as I would like and there are definately times when she hates the brace and me and everyone else who crosses her path. This is a difficult thing to go through and it can be very frustrating but just try to be patient and understanding because really that's all we can do, just let them know we understand and that we are there for them.

    I'll say a prayer that she has an easier time of it.

    Mom to Taylor -12 (27* and 29*) VBS scheduled for August 30th at Shiners Phila.
    Mom to Jenna - 9

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