My 7 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Scoliosis a couple mths back . She has a double curve. Top one was 28 degrees and lower one was 19 degrees.
She has been in a Boston brace for just over a mth now and is wearing it 22-23 hrs a day now.
Latley she has been having troubles and issues with sitting in the car for more than 30 minutes in it . She says its uncomfortaable and really hurts and needs to either stand or take it off.
Had a real rough go of it sitting in the theater to watch a movie last night as well. Not sure if this is normal or not. Did any of you who wear a brace have the same issue? If so is there anyway to help her out to get comfy, since there are going to be alot of car rides and even the theater in her future with her brace, whome she calls "Cleo".
She is very active as a 7yr old should be but just now seems to be getting down about having scoliosis and wearing the brace, otherwise she has been quite positive about it all.
Her father also had scoliosis as a child, though he was 11yrs when they found it. He wore a brace for 2-3 yrs then ended up having surgery.
Really hoping for a better outcome for her. Seven is so young and I forsee many years in the brace.
Please any help on this issue would be muchly appreciated.