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Thread: Paranoia - Gulf Oil Disaster

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    Paranoia - Gulf Oil Disaster

    ok .. this is the most off topic thing I have ever posted. Stumbled across it this evening - do not read before bed:

    Maybe we have a few scientists, or geologists - or somebody, who can debunk this information??

    Figure this posting will give me a reputation - but what the heck
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    Hey, I am *all* into paranoia, but I don't think there's any more reason to consider this scenario then there is to consider the blazing-hot-earth-covered-in-crabs suggested at the end of HG Wells "Time Machine."

    I think it's enough to consider the likely outcome (enormous local catastrophe with global consequences) without fretting about the possible toxic tsunami.

    Anyway, with any luck, we'll probably be hit with a meteor before then

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    I'll debunk it. On several fronts.

    The people who write this nonsense are idiots.
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