The table that lists types of PT for each condition is interesting.

The article about about congenital cardiovascular diseases of which Marfans is one. This is relevant because of all the talk about PT as a treatment for scoliosis when in fact certain scoliosis patients need to be extremely careful about this in case they have an undiagnosed connective tissue disorder like Marfans.

Researchers in physical therapy are most likely aware of these dangers and screen patients but parents who come on here looking for conservative methods to treat their child's scoliosis may not know what they don't know.

PT is often said to be in the category of "it can't hurt" or "what's to lose?" We have parents just trying whatever strikes their fancy based on these notions. That is just plain ignorant when dealing with the scoliosis crowd given the risks if a connective tissue disorder is involved. While these disorders are relatively rare in the general population, they are of course over represented in the scoliosis crowd.