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Thread: Feet falling asleep

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    Feet falling asleep

    Hi I'm 21 years old, i was born with no arms, left leg shorter then the right (8 inches difference) and scoliosis, I've had 13 surgeries from the age i was 4 to 16. my last surgery was a partial fusing of my spine, I forget how much was fused, I'll draw it out
    |-----start of fusion
    |_____end of fusion
    roughly what it looked like in the x-rays, the lower part of my spine has curved to i believe a 45 dregree angel (only curved 10 degrees in the past 3 years). The past 3-4 months I have noticed my feet falling asleep, starts in the toes and moves its way up, usually laying down or re-adjusting myself fixes the problem. at one point it was really bad, every time i would fall asleep 1 of my legs would fall asleep. if i slept on my right side, my left leg would fall asleep and if i fell asleep on my left side my right foot would fall asleep (scared the hell out of me thinking i was about to be paralized) I saw my family doctor, he gave me enflamitory pills which didnt help, an MRI showed nothing, He said I wouldnt become paralized, but I have my doubts, if its pinching a nerve it could also cut it or perminatly pinch it couldnt it? I have made an appointment with my back surgeon but unfortunatly its not for 4 months. Anyone have any advice for me (hopefuly something possative). I'm frightened every night before i fall asleep that im going to be paralized, and without the use of my feet I would be nothing.

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    When I read of people like yourself, I realize how lucky I've been. I'm sorry that you've had to go through so much.

    Do you have to go through your primary care doctor for all of your medical care? One way or the other, I think you should push to be seen by a scoliosis specialist. It seems to me that your symptom could mean that you've got a nerve root impingement. Your legs don't go numb for no reason.

    Good luck in getting some answers.


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