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Thread: Newcomer with ? (Bulging Disc)

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    Question Newcomer with ? (Bulging Disc)

    Hi! My name is Michelle and I just turned 34. I was diagnosed with Idiopathic thoracolumbar scoliosis September 1986 and had surgery in December 1987. Posterior fusion T5 to L3 with Moe rod, Luque rod and Drummond wires. I was 17 years old and the thoracolumbar curve was 62 degrees. I was a military dependent and had the surgery done at Wilford Hall USAF Medcial Center. The surgeon was Dr. Naomi Shields with Dr. Vincent F. Deeney as the First Assistant. Dr. Deeney was my Orthopaedic doctor once I was diagnosed.

    I have been having severe back and neck pain since giving birth to my third child May 27, 2004. All pregnancies were vaginal deliveries with epidurals. With my last child I had tubal ligation done with a spinal block because I shake too much with the epidural.

    I finally went to see my PCP on September 30 after having a sharp shooting pain up my spine. I was prescribed vicodin, naproxen and skelaxin. I had a follow up a week later and was still having pain despite the meds. I was then given a steriods pack to take for a week with a follow up 2 weeks later. I didn't make it 2 weeks because I began to have tingling and numbness through my right arm and hand with pain. Occasionally I would get the same tingling and numbness in my left hand and both feet. My PCP has not taken any x-rays. My PCP has sent me to Physical Therapy. The physical therapist said I may have a bulging disc.

    I did a search for Dr. Vincent Deeney to get his opinion. He is now in Pittsburg at the Children's Hospital but did give me the name and number of Dr. Albert Sanders so I can get an evaluation by him. I have not received a call back yet.

    Anyone else going through this or have any suggestions?

    Thank you!

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    Hi Chelle,
    My disc problem is not as severe as yours but it does seem to be a problem for older fused patients.Get a full evaluation of your condition and have it checked out.there's a lot you can do, ranging from pt to cortisone shots and even in severe cases I know of some people who have had successful artificial disc implants.
    Find out what exactly you're dealing with first and then decide on your course of action.

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