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Thread: Dr. L Lenke/Dr. K. Bridwell St. Louis, MO

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    It is 2012 and all remains the same

    I flew from Mexico to St Louis after I got an appointment and stayed for an extra 2+ weeks. Dr Bridwell came in to the room with an entourage. He addressed me, over my head, into the xrays, asked his many assistants to do this or that, called on of the xrays taken that morning: this is crap. Had me return to xrays for another 20 more shots. Got back to the office, every one was eating or skipping lunch. Got a physical therapist to interview and set a later in the day some studies (off site) because she was leaving the country the day after. Got to see Bernie the nurse who dumped a lot of information stuff. She obviously was very hurried, several interrruptions, then Dr. Bridwell walked in to remind Bernie th
    Order more MRIs, lung tests etc and Bernie assured me that I would see Dr Bridwell before my departure. My xrays were lined up along the hallway. After doing all the tests we waited one week, I made a decision to go with him as I was impressed by his technical knowledge of the job to be done. We called the office and was scheduled to return 2 months later for a flouroscopy, I asked Jackie why couldn't be possible before I left? Well, Dr Bridwell do those himself during his operating day (thursdays) and in between breaks he would set me in an OR to do the test himself.

    It was very frustrating as I was going home with nothing to tell my husband. My daughter lives in St Louis while doing her PhD studies at WashU in medical research. Finally, I broke down and asked her to leave a voice mail that I would like to know if I would be seeing Dr Bridwell or what? Not possible as he was booked so I went back to ask for a copy of the visit notes and all of my xrays. I got a CD with my new xrays and of the MRI as I like to keep them with me (or in case I go see someone else).

    I am going ahead because Dr Bridwell as a researcher is here to report and improve on his past procedures (I am guessing). they are not into this as a making for profit business. I truly believe he is dedicated to the science so I rather have the best tecnical person doing this surgery than a doctor with not that many years of dedication in the field that would have an hour to spend with me reassuring me that all is going to work out.

    After all, the recovery will all be on me dealing with the pain and I think that an experienced person would do the job much better than another who has not seen the opps! before.

    Hope someone is still reading this forum as there has not been an update for years.

    75 degrees upper curve
    89 degrees in lower

    well qualified and in need of an expert to do the job not to nurture my emotions.
    Baja California, Mexico & El Centro, Ca
    pre-surgery 75 and 89 - post ?
    Dr. Bridwell Nov 27, 2012 @Barnes Jewish @62yrs
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    I actually read your email in another area and then found this one. I might be looking for a surgeon....I have one now, but want to interview others. I was surprised that you came back here after your first entry which didn't sound like you were too impressed. During my last visit w/ my surgeon, I was frustrated as he spent so little time and I left with so many questions. It is a challenge to find the "right" person or surgeon. I think that I was looking for someone to emotionally support me too much, when you are right, it is the technical part that we need.

    Wishing you well!
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