Hey, I just joined this forum a couple of months ago and have been looking through all of the advice and information posted here=) I never wrote anything up until now because I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 15 and was told it was not severe enough to do anything for it, at the time i was pain free.

I'm now 27 and have had sciatic pain for the past 6 or 7 years. I never really complained about it until recently though, and was given anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants and percocet to deal with the pain when it comes. I went to an osteopath as well as a orthopedic doctor to get insoles.

Finally my doctor decided to get an MRI done and I now know a bit more about what is going on with my spine. Although i don't really understand some of the medical terms that well:

my L2/L3 has very mild diffuse circumferential bulge of the disc, facet O.A. no spinal or foraminal stenosis

My L4/L5 mild diffuse circumferential bulge of the disc with some flattening of the sac. Mild central spinal stenosis. Severe foraminal stenosis. Right foramen is normal, facet O.A.

and finally my L5/S1 posteromedical tear in the annulus fibrosis. Broadbase diffuse posterior disc bulge centered posteomedially coming in contact with the sac without causing mass effect. No mass effect on the nerve roots. Facet O.A. Mild central spinal stenosis. Severe bilaterial foraminal stenosis, more prominent on the left. Scoliosis convex to the left.

My Doctor is trying to push me ahead of the waiting lists to see a Neuro Surgeon for a consultation. Just wondering what you guys think....

I know my scoliosis is not half as bad as the majority of people here, but I was wondering if anyone has the same type of problems as me with their spines and Facets and who have gone the non-surgical route?