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Thread: Post Surgery Update-Popping In Back?

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    Question Post Surgery Update-Popping In Back?

    Hi eveyone,I have not posted in while..Dairrien my now 14 yr old had spinal fusion surgery -On december 30th ,he had a really good corection..almost completley straight--he had a 92 degree now it is 5 months out almost,and he is having Popping in his back...Did any of your kids have this after surgery? He is also having pain in his side while sleeping? he loses his balance at times when getting up,and has fell a few times,too.He is going to Shriners on the 9th of June...But was wondering if anyone had these experiences at all? Thanks so much,Misty.

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    I moved your thread from the kid's forum to the parent's forum.

    You might want to do a search on popping. The Search link is about " from the top and slightly to the right of center.


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