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Thread: Brandi 18 Months old

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    Brandi 18 Months old I take my little girl to the doctor to find out why one shoulderblade is higher then the other. I think I already know the answer. She always tilted her head to one side and didn't like to turn it one way and we just thought it was a kink. The other day while giving her a bath my wife and I noticed that her shoulderblades where different. When she lifts her arms her right shoulderblade sticks out normally and her left one there is a hole basically where the other shoulderblade sticks out. This is looking at her from the front. We are very worried about her since she has so many years of growing still to do.

    I will update as we go through this process.

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    Good luck with the tests - we'll be anxious to hear what the doc says. Try to remember that unless you are seeing a pediatric spine specialist, you may not get an accurate answer. There are several families here who are in various stages of treatment for their young child(ren) with scoliosis (either idiopathic or congenital). You are in good company.

    My best!
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