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Thread: costs

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    Hello all,
    I contacted Shriners and i just said that i'm almost 18 in December. So i talked to the nurse at Montreal's Shriners. They seem nice and ready to make a rush appointment for me. I left a message to the lady incharge of out of town patients applications.
    As she's off for today.

    Wow, they are nice. I just said i have 44 degree scoliosis curve . They say that they'll make an appointment as soon as possible.
    They say once you made an appointment you stay until 21.
    I hope that i don't have to go all the way to Montreal for an appointment and can't do surgery. I hope they allow like my doctor at BC CHildren's Hospital to fax the x-rays and information over. All questions will be answered tomorrow i hope.

    Stay tuned and goodluck everyone doing surgery.

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    Oct 2004
    Good luck with Shriners- it sounds great!

    I guess that i got lucky. I have Kaiser Permanente health care, and our benefits covered the entire cost. My parents were really surprised to leave the hopsital and not have to pay a bill!
    50* upper curve
    29* lower curve

    surgery was October 25- doing great!

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