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Thread: New here, daughter's surgery set for Aug. 20

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    New here, daughter's surgery set for Aug. 20


    I've been a "lurker" here for some time. My 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis at her sports physical last June, we tried bracing and it was not successful, either because she has a particularly fast, aggressive curve or because her curve is a very high T curve (or perhaps a combination of those two).

    Anyway, she is having a T2-T12 fusion, I think, although am not exactly sure on the length of that fusion, on Aug. 20 (unless there is a cancellation earlier in the summer).

    Do any of you have experience with that type of fusion? She's very athletic - soccer is her main love - and her doc thinks she might be back to soccer as soon as next spring. Any thoughts on that? She also loves music, especially chorale, and I have been wondering lately if standing to sing for a whole class hour or concert is going to be too hard for her immediately upon returning to school 4-6 weeks after surgery?


    mom to 14-year-old with 52* T/30* L, set for T fusion Aug. 20

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    Hi Jill,
    My daughter had almost the exact same fusion as your daughter last May 28. She was in marching band the beginning of August playing her french horn. She also began playing basketball 6 months after surgery in January. She tried to run track in the spring, but had too much pain. She is now running again. She is doing so much better at the one year mark. She rarely complains about pain. I wish you the best of luck. Waiting and the first 4 weeks after surgery are the hardest part!

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    Hi, Jill.

    My dd had the same levels of fusion done last September. She is doing well, although we are dealing w/some (hopefully) minor issues now which may/may not be surgery related.

    This group is a true Godsend--I couldn't have gotten through this without them and Divine Intervention.

    There are various threads on how to prepare for when your dd comes home, kinds of questions to ask the surgeon, etc.

    One of the biggest things that helped me was to keep a journal of *everything.* This was especially helpful in the hospital when I was dead tired and tried to remember names of doctors, meds, questions, etc.

    My dd is not very active, so I can't advise you on how fast she can return to her previous activity levels. Only your surgeon can do that. But the teens are usually able to bounce back more quickly from the surgery that the adults.

    Take care!

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    Thanks for the advice and kind words. So glad to hear about your girls and how well they are doing post-fusion.

    Jill, mom to 14 yr old with AIS, fusion surgery scheduled for Aug. 20

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