Wow! That's one big fish. Do you ever watch "Wicked Tuna"? I never realized how big tunas really are.
I hope your pain is better. I don't remember mentioning those things. I used to live eerily close to Mt. St. Helen's in the Cascade Mountains. Our neighborhood was called "Cascade Park" --- eek! We moved right before she blew. I heard that my neighborhood was coated in inches of ash. I remember seeing the snow disappear and then the bulge appeared sometime during the last year we were there. The family went on vacation a few years back and we drove up there. I was devastated. My brother's Boy Scout platoon use to camp at Spirit Lake.

I'm having a bad pain day today. I had my trigger point injections (sore and bruised up) and took my last clonazepam last night. I weaned off from 6mg/day so the muscle spasms are up a bit and the ticker is ticking faster. I have heart meds for that, though. I'm just tired all the time. That's the reason for weaning off the benzos. I'll keep it around for the really bad days once it's good and out of my system.