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Thread: 12-degree progression in one year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back-out View Post
    Good idea, except that they only seem to want to give out disks nowadays (and that not for free). Perhaps I can purchase a hard copy film from the local hospital and that might work. They make you pay through the nose for real film but it's probably cheaper than paying a radiologist. Something tells me since it's out of the ordinary, I'd have to foot the bill out of pocket. Furthermore, no one seems to know what to make of my request either at HSS or our local hospital.

    Are they really always done to the same scale?
    If you can print from the discs, print the images out on regular white paper, stack them, hold them up to a bright window or light, and see if you can see a difference. Again I remind you, however, that if the films were taken at opposite ends of the day, the results probably aren't valid.



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    Oh Gayle, I just saw this post today. You have so much on your plate! Everything leading up to Leah's VBS today (I hope it went great!) and now this. Good luck.
    daughter, 12, diagnosed 8/07 with 19T/13L
    -Braced in spinecor 10/07 - 8/12 with excellent in brace correction and stable/slightly decreased out of brace curves.
    -Introduced Providence brace as adjunct at night in 11/2011 in anticipation of growth spurt. Curves still stable.
    -Currently in Boston Brace. Growth spurt is here and curves (and rotation) have increased to 23T/17L

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    Evidence and denial. A tie breaker.

    Thank you for the pointers, Linda.

    Do you mean to say that I can print out the images from medical disks - if I know how? I don't, but I can ask Geek Squad. I already need their advice on copying disks. I hope my slim-line desktop tower isn't too heavy to shlepp into Best Buy. That's why I chose it. House calls are hugely expensive (just one more way disability makes life unaffordable).

    I hear you about time of day. I can feel myself sagging as the day wears on, so that's no wonder. My days are quite irregular, though, since I don't have a routine to speak of. It's all a feedback loop, since the irregularity itself is mostly a function of back pain which interrupts sleep variably. And to make a firm decision about how to deal with that pain is why getting an accurate comparison of Cobbs for 2/2009 and 3/2010, is so important.

    If the deterioration of my spine is accelerating as fast as it seems to be, that virtually forces me to act. The only other reference point I have, is loss of height and I don't have a good enough record of that because no doc measured height regularly - only weight! Too bad, as otherwise, I'd have had a much clearer idea of when and why things started to go downhill.

    Like many here, I find myself focused on cause and effect of my scoliosis - less its origin, than what caused it to suddenly worsen so dramatically (end result - needing surgery). Kind of like a crime reconstruction!
    Not all diagnosed (still having tests and consults) but so far:
    Ehler-Danlos (hyper-mobility) syndrome, 69 - somehow,
    main curve L Cobb 60, compensating T curve ~ 30
    Flat back, marked lumbar kyphosis (grade?) Spondilolisthesis - everyone gives this a different grade too. Cervical stenosis op'd 3-07, minimally invasive

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