There has been discussion here before about progression in adults. I got a bit of a shock today meeting again with my spine surgeon to review my recent x-rays and plan for surgery. My lumbar curve progressed in a year's time from 35 to 47 degrees. I was diagnosed at age 13/Risser 0 with 33 lumbar and 32 thoracic. I wore a boston brace for almost 2 years with less than stellar compliance the last year, until I finally just refused to wear the brace when I started high school. 3 months after I stopped wearing the brace my curves were both ~ 20 degrees. I had no x-rays for 23 years, at which time the lumbar curve was up to 35 degrees, where it stayed stable for another year. Now it has major degenerative changes, arthritis, spinal stenosis, DDD, etc. along with spondylolisthesis at L4. The doctor was quite surprised at the large progression but had no explanation. Now I am planning for reconstruction and fusion T10-pelvis, probably in the Fall.