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Thread: 1st day at school wearing her brace

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    1st day at school wearing her brace

    Amb has scoliosis, she has progressed enough to need a brace ...with hopes to stop the progression and avoid surgery. Started wearing the Boston brace

    Today was the first day she wore it to school..she was fine with I was in tears after I walked her to class. I am proud of her ...she joked if anyone gives me trouble...I got rock hard abs ( meaning the brace). Good for her for being brave and making jokes. I took a peak in her first class and saw she was showing her friends her brace and explaining it.

    Her friends stated that they admired her strength and faith. because even though she has D and this brace she doesn't complain...she is strong and brave.
    (proud mom...ducks out before being seen)

    You know one thing D and scoliosis has taught empathy, inner strength, discipline with food and posture, and yes a strong faith...prayers... many prayers for wisdom and healing.
    age 15
    Daughter diagnosed at age 13
    T20 l23 10-09
    T27 L27 1/2010

    T10 L 20 in brace 4/2010
    T22 L25 12/2010 out of brace
    T24 L25 7/2011 out of brace

    Type 1 diabetes- pumping
    Wearing a Boston brace and Schroth therapy
    Faith, Hope, and Love- the greatest of these is Love

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    Thanks for both of your posts. The attitude of the both of you made my day. Just plain AWESOME =) Good luck.

    AIS and Traumatic Scoliosis
    Degrees always differ (LOL)

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