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Thread: scuba dive?

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    scuba dive?

    yes, I know I just made my first post, but I remembered a separate question

    Does anyone successfully scuba-dive post surgery? My husband and I have made it a huge part of our vacations and I would hate to have to give it up.

    I'll of course ask my Dr., but I'm thinking withmy hubby carrying on the gear, and not putting on my tank till I'm in the water, I should be OK?
    Age: 30
    Pre-surgery: upper curve 44 (and kyphosis), lower curve 45
    Post-surgery: under 20, both curves (doesn't even qualify as scoliosis anymore )

    surgery: August 29, 2005
    fusion T5-L3
    Surgeon - Dr. Ted Wagner at University of Washington (Seattle)

    Scar getting to the point where people either don't notice it or think it is from something much less serious!

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    You should, of course, check with your surgeon, but I can't imagine why anyone would think that scuba diving would be a problem.


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