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Thread: Dancing all the way home!

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    Dancing all the way home!

    I had my visit with the doc yesterday and I am elated. The issues he raised last year are still valid but in his (expert) opinion, not especially important to address at this point. I tried to make a case for age, younger rather than older, not an issue. He felt to operate on a spine that is already stiff and make it stiffer is not wise. So I wait till I have pain. When/if I have pain, he will address the lumber area, see how well I tolerate the surgery and then if my vital signs are within normal, within the same operation he would correct the loss of correction, kyphosis and balance. I think I could have hugged him. He also brought in a neurosurgeon to the consult.

    So life continues much as before. There are some incredible stories on the forum. Some folks who deal with very difficult situations and I hope by talking to others and creating a community of support, helps them cope. Never realized the number of scolisis survivors there are.

    Thanks for sharing and good luck

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    Thatís great news. Always good to hear of a scoli without pain, especially from one with such a long history as yours....The decision was a wise one.

    One day at a time....oh, and remember to keep dancing!
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    No surgery needed right now is always the answer you want to hear. Great news!
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    I remember the days of no pain - vaguely but I remember. I used to count how lucky I was that I didn't have any pain. Boy, how things can change. Hopefully you will stay painfree.
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