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Thread: Harrington rods/ Fusion failure

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    Harrington rods/ Fusion failure

    I would appreciae it if I could get some feedback about pedicle screws & Harrinton Rods being used in a T2 to sacral pelvis repair. How is the flexability and are there lifting limitations. I know the doc shoild be answering this but I would like to hear from anyone who has had this procedure please! I had a fusion and rods were placed from T10 to L2 in 1994 and was told the fusion didn't completely take. If there is anyone that lives in Tennessee also please let me know where you went as I have read on the internet that if you live in the South don't let them touch you. I have to stay here for surgery and do like the 2nd doctor I met.

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    Hi Lotta...

    I suspect the surgeon wasn't actually talking about Harrington rods with pedicle screws. As far as I know, that combination is only being used in less developed nations. Also, you mentioned in your PM that they wanted to do two anterior procedures??? Did I understand that correctly?

    If you like the surgeon, I would ask him/her to put you in contact with 2-3 other patients on whom he's done similar surgeries. Talk to those people! You might also ask the surgeon to explain again, and in detail, what s/he plans to do.


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