Hi! I stumbled on to this sight and so far it has helped tremendously. I had 2 curves, but only the top one was fused with 2 harrington rods at age 14. I am now 34 and it has been 20 years this past April. I have given birth to 3 children and started having problems during the last pregnancy. Nov. of 2003 I would move my head or arms and start having pressure on the base of my neck going up to the back of my head. I can't speak, move, become very pale, my eyes very weak and glazed. It was usually associated with burning twinges between my shoulder blades. Now I have constant pain, pressure on my thoracic spine area, ( where the rods start) severe arm pain, leg pain, headaches. My original ortho sent me for a Mylogram. He said it was fine, that he could see. None of my thoracic spine area can by seen. I've been to a nuero, vasc. surg, cardio. I've had an angiogram, had my neck injected with steroids, taken muscle relaxers, nothing helps! I can't do alot with my kids because I am not able to drive by myself. I am scheduled to see a spine specialists at Vanderbuilt in Nashville on 10/25.

Has anyone had any of these symptoms? or have any comments, I would love to talk to someone!!!