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Thread: Questions about a loose screw

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    Questions about a loose screw

    At my 6-month checkup my doctor mentioned that I had a loose screw (no, not a "screw loose", but a lumbar pedical screw that was loose ). He said it was on my lower left side and that it was not unusual for a screw to fail down low if the bone is not strong enough for it. He had noticed it at my 2 month checkup and said it had not changed in the xrays. I have had no pain or problems associated with it. I was surprised but not worried because I have no problems.

    I have started wondering what the future may hold. I have read on this forum about people who have lots of issues with loose screws, usually requiring revision surgery. Has anyone had a loose screw that DID NOT eventually cause a problem?

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    Hi Sheri...

    I think loose screws often mean that there's an area of non fusion. If that's the case, and you need more surgery, it would actually be a fairly easy surgery, especially in comparison to your first surgery. Since you don't have any pain in that area, however, it could mean absolutely nothing. Hope that's the case.


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    Hi Sheri, at my 5 month post-op appt, my xray showed that one on my screws at L5/S1 was probably loose. Dr H said he was not concerned at all because there appeared to be good bone growth (something to that effect) at anterior L4/5-L5/S1 and that this wouldn't affect the outcome. I have had no issues in regards to this (although an incident this week had me worried - chances of damaging hardware thread)and i hope that this remains the case. I looke at it this way, if it doesn't bother my surgeon, i won't let it bother me!
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