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    Has anyone ever experienced this?

    I woke up in a bit of pain in the middle of the night last night and when I was turning over I moved a particular way and got this very sharp pain at the top of my fusion area. It was a very pinpoint pain and my very first thought was it was the top screw that has some issues. The way the doctor's report states it is "This screw extends through the traverse process and through a portion of the rib and into the paraspinous soft tissues. Periosteal reaction and lucency surround that particular hardware indicating loosening." I have 3 questions:
    1-Can someone explain to me, in terms I can understand, what this means? I can't imagine it's good, but I don't fully understand.
    2-Is it even possible for the end of a screw to cause this type of "pinstick pain"?
    3-Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

    I just don't know if a screw can cause damage due to where the end of it is. I have a couple of other screws with issues, but I haven't noticed any specific pain from those. I'm a bit concerned and can't decide if I need to call Dr. Devlin (the most recent surgeon I've seen) and make an emergency appointment or not. I call his office yesterday but it was late and didn't get a call back.

    Any info you all can provide would be so appreciated. Thanks for being such a fantastic support group!
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