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Thread: twisting limitations with full fusion.

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    Central NJ
    that is the cutest picture. My 5 year old chocolate lab somehow also knew to be careful around me. He was so sweet.
    Debbe - 50 yrs old

    Milwalkee Brace 1976 - 79
    Told by Dr. my curve would never progress

    Surgery 10/15/08 in NYC by Dr. Michael Neuwirth
    Pre-Surgury Thorasic: 66 degrees
    Pre-Surgery Lumbar: 66 degrees

    Post-Surgery Thorasic: 34 degrees
    Post-Surgery Lumbar: 22 degrees

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    My Westie would follow me on my laps around the house during the winter and my first few weeks of recovery. It was almost like he knew there was something wrong and I needed to be "protected." Our canines are amazing! Now both he and the couch potato Scottie are benefiting from the walks outside. Of course, I usually have to make another trip by myself since I can't handle both of them and the pooper scooper!

    Anne in PA
    Age 58
    Diagnosed at age 14, untreated, no problem until age 50
    T4 to sacrum fusion
    63 thoracic now 35, 92 lumbar now 53
    Dr. Baron Lonner, 2/2/10
    Am pain-free, balanced, happy & an inch taller !

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    I noticed your surgery was with Dr. Lenke. I am scheduled for Nov. 1 T-4-sacrum. I know my two schnauzers will be great company. The 12 year old can't jump up on the bed, so that bothers me because she just puts her paws on the side and has me lift her up now. This is probably a really stupid question, but I filled in my bio when I registered, but nothing shows up on my posts. I'm really new at this.

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    I only started posting a few weeks ago myself, although I had been reading the forum for several months.

    I have a double curve, 64T and 65L. I have some slippage in the lumbar area and have been told that would certainly cause me more trouble. Like you I am not in dire pain per that I mean I am not sidelined from being active as well as working full time, but I ache and have stiffness and lots of moving pain that comes and goes. I also am starting to have sciatica. Seems like I am always trying to adjust my body, like trying to balance a corkscrew on a table. Not easy and probably can't be done.

    I'm happy to know that now that I am truly "on" here, I can ask any ol' question that I think of in the coming months. It's not likely that I will have surgery before spring of next year unless I suddenly get into the severe pain zone. That's the first time increment that would be logical in my life, but as the saying goes, "If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

    Your signature is different from your bio info. Click on the "UserCP" in the upper left corner after you have logged in your name, password....then
    "Edit your signature" is on the left and just follow the prompts. (I'm so proud that I can answer that question)

    Finally, talk about silly... when I was mulling over the idea of surgery, one of the reasons I would not want to do it is that when I occasionally cut loose and dance around the house like a moron, by myself or with my kids...that I will lose some of my moves. TRAGEDY.

    58 yrs old, diagnosed at 31, never braced
    Measured T-64, L-65 in 2009
    Measured T-57, L-56 in 2010, different doc
    2 lumbar levels spondylolisthesis
    Exercising to correct

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    Hi Karen - welcome to the forum! You'll be in good company here.

    Amy, I had to laugh when you said one reason you didn't want to do the surgery was because you would lose some dance moves.... I had the same thoughts. I've always been a dancer and I got my husband to start ballroom dance lessons with me a couple years ago and he LOVES it... We would be enrolled once again but I missed the registration for this latest session and classes were closed - boo!

    Obviously, there is less hip motion so no sexy Rumba but there is still so much I CAN do and NO PAIN. Our last session ended one week before my surgery, and honestly after 20 minutes, I just couldn't hold posture anymore - my back was screaming.

    This thread started out as "Twisting Limitations..." - I can still dance - just a little differently sometimes. It feels great though!
    Julie - 51 yrs old

    Dx'd 1973 - 43* thoracic curve / rotation
    Wore Milwaukee brace 1973 - 1979
    Pre-surgery: 63* thoracic / 52* lumbar curves

    Surgeries: P - March 16, 2009 - Fused T3-S2 with pelvic fixation
    A -April 14, 2009 - Fused L5-S1
    Achieved +70% Correction
    Dr. Khaled Kebaish, (and team) Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

    Standing x-ray
    New Spine 03/19/2009
    New Spine Lateral 03/19/2009

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    Dance Moves

    Hi, Amy and Julie,
    I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this forum with such helpful and supportive people. You can just tell everyone has a great personality and sense of humor, but more important, a positive attitude. I loved the post about things one enjoyed about their recovery. Talk about looking at the positive side of things! I intend to continue to tap dance once I'm completely fused. We have some routines with hip swivels, but I'll just do the best I can & fake some of the moves. My golf is my biggest concern, but, I am looking forward to having a straight back and hopefully not such a rib hump. Amy, I went to "Edit your Signature" so I'll see if it works now.

    Surgery-Jan. 5, 2011-Dr. Lenke
    Fusion T-4-sacrum-2 cages/5 osteotomies
    70 degree thoracolumbar corrected to 25
    Rib Hump-GONE!
    Age-60 at the time of surgery
    Now 66
    Avid Golfer & Tap Dancer
    Retired Kdgn. Teacher

    See photobucket link for:
    Video of my 1st Day of Golf Post-Op-3/02/12-Bradenton, FL
    Before and After Picture of back 1/7/11
    tap dancing picture at 10 mos. post op 11/11/11-I'm the one on the right.

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    enjoyed the pics.....thanks for posting...very encouraging

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    Great pictures!
    36 year young cardiac RN
    old curve C 29, T 70, L 50
    new curve C 7, T 23, L 20
    Surgery June 11, UCH, Dr. Cronen T2-L5, posterior
    Revision December 20 L5-S1 with pelvic fixation
    and Osteotomy to L3 at Tampa General Hospital

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    thanks for posting these. as I ponder whether "to fuse, or not to fuse..." this helps me SEE that I won't necessarily be a robot. It's so hard to visualize what it'll be like, and this is encouraging.

    thanks again!
    Age: 28
    Dx w/ scoli @ age 12 S curves T-40* L-42*
    wore night bending brace as teenager
    Curves changed to 50's plus or minus
    herniated disc L2-3, Discectomy October 2007
    fusion L2-3 November 2008
    Revision L2-3 Fusion, Removal of hardware August 2009
    Curves measuring 52 T&L September 2010
    Fused T4-L4, all posterior December 27th 2010
    gained almost two inches in height

    Before and After Exterior
    Before and After X-rays
    My blog:

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    Thank you Ed!

    As someone probably facing a long fusion, I really appreciate you doing this. A picture is definately worth a thousand words, in this case. You are an inspiration. Thanks so much!
    Lori in PA, 52 yrs. old
    Surgery 6/7/11, T3-S1, all posterior, with pelvic anchors
    Gained 2 inches!
    Dr. Boachie, HSS, NYC
    12/10/13 Hardware Removal for infection
    Lost 2", gained PJK!

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    wow ed those pic are fancitit
    Brace 4-15-05-5-25-06
    Posterior Spinal Fusion 3-10-10
    Before 50T
    After 20T

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    Ed, you made my whole day! Thanks!
    Stephanie, age 56
    Diagnosed age 8
    Milwaukee brace 9 years, no further treatment, symptom free and clueless until my 40s that curves could progress.
    Thoracolumbar curve 39 degrees at age 17
    Now somewhere around 58 degrees thoracic, 70 degrees thoracolumbar
    Surgeon Dr. Michael S. O'Brien, Baylor's Southwest Scoliosis Center, Dallas TX
    Bilateral laminectomies at L3 to L4, L4 to L5 and L5 to S1 on April 4, 2012
    Foramenotomies L3 through S1 in August 2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrnyc View Post
    note to Karen
    the answer to the problem of lifting dog up in the bedroom stairs...on the side of the bed (if your doggie isnt too old?)...we have a 3 stair thing that mine runs right up! 10 pound maltese cant reach the bed by jumping... ...bad enuf he runs up 10 stairs just to get to get TO the bedroom!
    dont know what the answer is for lifting dog elsewhere in house...?

    Sparky (AKA Pookie Doodle) lays in bed with me days when the pain is too much for me to get up (main reason i retired before i wanted to)...
    one of these days, i will have someone show me how to post a link, &will put up one of his many pix...he is the dog i waited for all my life...couldn't have one working 2 jobs! he was worth the wait!
    when i was about age 8, & in summer camp, i made tile painting of a little dog chasing a butterfly.. decades later, my sister found that tile in my father's belongings! is now in my kitchen...looks just like my Sparky!!

    every time i try to pick him up now (a struggle due to pain & weakness lately) i think of the surgery that i need...& havent scheduled yet...fusion T11-pelvis...and know i wont be doing that kind of lifting any more!
    i know, i will still be able to snuggle him...but for now, i just enjoy curling up with him a little bit more!


    Jess, what is the difference between pelvis and sacrum?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo's Mom View Post
    Ed, you made my whole day! Thanks!
    I think Ti Ed is widely considered to be the unofficial spokesmodel in this sandbox for a full life after long fusion.
    Sharon, mother of identical twin girls with scoliosis

    No island of sanity.

    Question: What do you call alternative medicine that works?
    Answer: Medicine

    "We are all African."

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    Hear hear! There ought to be medal for those who go above and beyond.

    Melissa, fusion is to sacrum, with screws into the pelvis. (Iliac bolts? Someone might correct me?)
    Surgery March 3, 2009 at almost 58, now 63.
    Dr. Askin, Brisbane, Australia
    T4-Pelvis, Posterior only
    Osteotomies and Laminectomies
    Was 68 degrees, now 22 and pain free

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