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Thread: twisting limitations with full fusion.

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    To answer your questions . . . I had my surgery at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis with Dr. Lenke on January 5, 2011. I know that I am more fortunate than many on this forum, but I think that many success stories like mine are not posted, as people tend to drop the forum after their recovery. I truly feel bad for anyone who has continued pain and regrets having had the surgery. I was in the best physical shape of my life before surgery, but still attribute the success to Dr. Lenke. How long ago was your surgery?
    Karen, first thoracic surgery in 1969 when I was 19, revision surgery t-2 to the sacrum in 2006. I was not in the best shape despite working very hard as a realtor. I had many complications, almost didn't make it. Trauma team at Jeff U brought me back. You're right - when folks have a great result, they no longer continue on the forum because they don't need the support. I was in better shape when we moved from NJ to Fl in 2012. Cannot understand what is causing a general decline, but I have to look into this because I cannot go on like this. Joyce
    P.S. - I never regretted having either surgery as I fully understand what could have happened.
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    Wow, finally can post on here- Hello to all of you-

    My name is Jenson and I am getting things (insurance) squared away so I can undergo this scary, necessary surgery. I am 56 and married to a wonderful man that encourages me daily to do the best I can. I have a double curve T4-11= 50 degrees, T11-L3 =78 degrees, L4-5 laterolisthesis = 8mm, trunk buckling to the right by 2.4 cm. Also Kyphosis measuring 67 degrees and Lordosis measuring 45 degrees. I have pain almost constantly and I've met with a scoliosis surgeon but would like to know if anyone has seen any surgeons in North Carolina??
    As afraid of the surgery as I am, I am equally afraid of what is happening in the last 2 years to me and what will happen if I don't. My spine has twisted as it curves and I have declined greatly due to degenerative disc and facet arthritis making things much worse.
    I have loved reading about the successes of many of you and hope for better days for those still suffering setbacks.

    Have the best day possible!


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