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Thread: What is SOSORT up to lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorraine 1966 View Post
    I know in my case, considering the pain I am in any form of exercise would be impossible. I have tried swimming and PT and the next day am in agony. So as an adult who is in pain, Schroth would not work for me.
    Hi Macky - The Clinic in Germany does work with patients who have had fusion - the exercise is modified. Schroth is fairly gentle exercise so maybe it would not cause you the day after effect that swimming or PT does. Writer would have more information. I'll try to find a web link for you.

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    Hi Macky: I own a Left thoraccic scoliosis with a fusion and being a pain free after learning, practising and attending education with the Schroth Method in Germany with Mrs. Christa Lehnert- Schorth PT, Hans Weiss MD in his new program PhysiOlogic and in the Asklepious Klinic.
    Once I have learned how to derotate my spine activily, I decompress and do three specific movements in order to, elongate and movilize with tinny movements the apex of the curves, I do not need to exercise 1/2 an hour . I am very much into ergonomics, isometrics and applied common sense during ADL ( activities of daily living ) like using the mouse on the left hand even so I am a right hand person . This " method " it is working for me. What is important is that I am cognitive and in control of my curves, at this moment , with improve vitality, increase lung capacity and " feeling " a ray of hope for good health every day

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