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Thread: I am new to this forum and need your help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tonibunny View Post
    Hi Linda, just a tangent - it was interesting to read this. Here in the UK it's standard procedure for people having spinal fusion surgeries to spend the first night post-op in ICU or HDU. I've never heard of someone staying in ITU for a week though.
    Hi TB...

    People who have thoracic surgery from the front have to go to the ICU for at least one night, so that there chest tube can be monitored closely. I don't know how often those types of surgeries are done. Since I started at UCSF, I don't think I've heard about a single case (although we mostly treat adults, as the kids are treated in the pediatric clinic as opposed to the spine clinic).

    For the record, I was in intensive care for 5 days. It was pretty horrid.


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    Dear Cerulean - my readings are very very similar to yours although I am 53 but also in 24/7 pain. Also, have tried EVERY known conceivable non-surgical treatment, up to pain injections, even the decompression machine (chiro's office) last week. Although I can only do a few yoga and pilate movements to ensure any minute integrity of my lumbar, twisting and bending is a no-no for me. Now, I too, am trying to get scheduled for the XLIF non invasive surgery. I have also done alot of research. It is a step above the other disc replacement parts that are out there, and is the MOST non-invasive of surgical techniques. My friend has had 3 separate surgeries for her back, all successful. She is no longer on pain pills. There is minimal downtime and way less risk of infection,etc as you have probably found out. In our area, we have 4 surgeons at one location that specialize in this technique, otherwise, I'd be in another city to find a surgeon. I go in one last time mid-July for the additional lab review and scheduling. Let's keep in touch and share the data. It is a step above fusion from what I understand.

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