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Thread: Update on my Surgery

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    Hey Kristy
    congratulations! sounds like you are doing so terrific! i am so happy for you, cause i remember how upset you were before this revision...
    wishing you a full recovery and the pain free life you have so earned!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by naptown78 View Post
    Hi Melissa,
    I had my revision on March 18 so am 2 1/2 weeks out. When I said I took a shower, LOL, I have taken a shower since then but needed help from hubby. Yesterday I was completely independent, Yippee! As for my brace, I wear a soft t shirt underneath the brace. Around the house I don't wear anything over it. One funny thing, people feel the need to knock on my brace everytime they come near me! If I go out, which isn't often right now, I have just been wearing a light jacket over the top of it. The bone graft stimulator is very simple. It involves just placing 2 electrode patches on either side of my spine at the level of my osteotomy which both have wires that attach to a pager size unit that I wear clipped to my pants. It is not uncomfortable at all. I just have to change the patches when I bathe, and the batteries last about 2 days. I hope you find out your new surgery date soon, Melissa. Are your blood sugars under control???
    Thanks for the information. Yes my blood sugars are under control.I am just waiting for my surgical date.

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    Hi Kristy - sounds like you are doing great! Keep up the good work! Had my appt with your former doctor last week and he doesn't think I should do anything about the scoliosis yet even though I've got a 60 degree curve. I called about getting my xrays so I could get another opinion.

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