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Thread: Uneven ribs one year post-op?

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    do you notice some improvement in ribs deformity in any plane ( coronal, axial or sagittal) as the years pass since surgery?

    I mean, as scoliosis progresses the ribs become more deformed as a natural consequence of the development of the curve. Scoliosis surgery corrects the spine deformity, but should we expect any alteration in the shape of the ribs or ribcage as the years pass since we have surgery? It seems logical to me that the same factors than induce scoliosis progression could induce ribs to accomodate to new shape as forces act differently in our body due to the new biomechanics of the spine fused.

    Plus, as this thread was started in 2010 I am wondering if there are any new developments in scoliosis surgery that aim to correct both spine alignment and ribs simmetry? Surgery for pectus excavatum or carinatum aims to correct the ribcage, right?

    The ribcage shape has huge implications to the patient comfort has it dictates how the shoulders rest on it, etc, etc.
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