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Thread: Pain in surgery

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    Pain in surgery

    Hi, if any one is worried about the pain I can tell you that it goes away mostly after the first week in hospital that is the worst bit.
    and it is scary getting in the shower for the first time.

    I was mainly scared about the cathator but you can't feel that much it only stings a bit when they pull it out.

    did any one have a chest drain? I did because I had the insision on the side. That hurts alot when it comes out and the nurses lie about it feeling llike spagettie! Any who I'm off now! See ya!

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    I personally didnt think the chest strain hurt when the nurse took it out. It just felt a bit uncomftable.
    I also had a catheter, it didnt bother me until i started walking cause i had to carry it with me, which i didnt like!

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