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Thread: Mandy post op 6 weeks photos

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    Smile Mandy post op 6 weeks photos

    Mandy is having trouble logging in and wanted me to post her photos as encouragement to anyone going through Scoliosis.
    These photos are 6 weeks post surgery, fusion from T-5 - L-3 . Two 13 inch rods and about 12 hooks and screws.
    She had a 51 degree T spine curve and 63 degree L- Spine curve. She was 12 on Feb 9 and had surgery on Jan 14th .
    She asked me to post these in the kids forum in hopes that they will help someone who is facing this type of surgery to see how she looks and the hardware she has. You could not even see her incision from the audience!
    "With God All Things Are Possible"
    Mom to Mandy,age 11, surgery on Jan 14,2010
    to correct 51 degree T and 63 degree L curvatures.

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    Mandy you are absolutely stunning in your gown... I am very glad you are doing so well so quickly & that you are sharing this with us.
    My 11 yr old son is set to have surgery this spring (Apr or May '10) - hope he does as well as you -- thank you, Nancy

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    Thumbs up Congrats Mandy!

    Mandy you look beautiful. Congrats on making a great recovery. It's a lot of hard work but so worth it!

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    wow, Mandy...strong, straight, smart & beautiful too....quite a combination....quadruple threat!!

    congratulations on your courage, tenacity & it goes all the way to your soul!


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    Thumbs up

    Mandy, what a courageous girl you are! Your correction is so good and your recovery is simply amazing! I'm sure you are an inspiration to so many people - probably a lot of whom you are completely unaware of.

    Thank you Mandy for sharing your experience and thank you Mandy's Mom for posting these photos!

    All the best!
    Julie - 51 yrs old

    Dx'd 1973 - 43* thoracic curve / rotation
    Wore Milwaukee brace 1973 - 1979
    Pre-surgery: 63* thoracic / 52* lumbar curves

    Surgeries: P - March 16, 2009 - Fused T3-S2 with pelvic fixation
    A -April 14, 2009 - Fused L5-S1
    Achieved +70% Correction
    Dr. Khaled Kebaish, (and team) Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

    Standing x-ray
    New Spine 03/19/2009
    New Spine Lateral 03/19/2009

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    Mandy, you look simply beautiful! You are a brave girl - best to you and I know you will help others by posting your photos.
    Age 57
    Posterior fusion w/thoracoplasty T2-L3 Oct 1, 2010
    Thoracic curve corrected from 61* to 16*
    Lumbar curve, unknown measurement
    Disfiguring back hump GONE!!
    Dr Munish Gupta
    UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento, CA

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    wow! i love your gown! your surgery must have been perfect! you look stunning!

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    Mandy, you look really beautiful! You are a brave girl
    Brace 4-15-05-5-25-06
    Posterior Spinal Fusion 3-10-10
    Before 50T
    After 20T

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