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    Talking Thanks for replying

    susanna, thank you for replying. I will be turning thirteen in February. I 'll let you know how everything is going with me as well. I would also love to talk to your daugther. thank you

    Alexandra Jones, thank you for replying as well. yes, it is driving me crazy going to all these doctors appointments, but i guessi'm retty used to it. I have had scoliosis since i was six. i'd love to hear how everything is going. hope to hear from you. Thanks

    Cheryl, thank you for your reply. I read through your thread "worried mom from australia". what iwould really like to know is what happened on the day of surgery. Thank you
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    Braced for 5 months
    Decided on surgery with 65 and 54 degree curves
    Pre-op curve measurements were in the 70's and 80's
    Surgery on April 26th 2005
    Fused from T3-L4
    Post-op curve is 15 degrees

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