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Thread: Lumbar Revision- Pain & Degeneration

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    Both of my kids were csections. That was because the first one got stuck. She was turned around and I had back labor with her. The good thing was I didn't feel ANY pain with back labor. They did a repeat csection for my second because labor wasn't progressing fast enough and there was fecal matter when my water broke.
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    Well we saw both the pain doc and spine doc today. The pain doc could only offer an increase in the lyrica dose and suggest accupuncture. The spine doc really doesn't like the original surgery (he told us this before) done by another dr in NJ. But, he doesn't want to do surgery because he's not convinced it would do much good. He mentioned the possibility of the symptoms "burning out" within a year or 2 and her not having any more problems. Has anyone experienced this or know anyone who has? The only surgery he would consider would be fusing one more level at L4 and not doing the whole thing. His concern is that the 1st surgery left too large a curve and is causing this problem. The option of redoing the entire 1st surgery is daunting and not a realistic option at this point. We have an appt. with Dr. Lebwhol on Friday for another opinion. Any suggestions of things to ask or consider at this point? My daughter is in tears regularly both from pain and frustration.

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    I feel so bad for you and your daughter.

    I hope someone, anyone, comes on here to say whether their pain "burned out" after 2 years given the same or similar situation. I can't recall any testimonial like that but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

    I would make sure the opinions you are seeking are from experienced revision guys. Based on what Linda said, getting an opinion from Boachie might be in order.

    I don't get how extending the fusion isn't very likely (no guarantees) to solve the pain. It seems like there are more advanced cases in several respects compared to your daughter's case who got near complete or complete pain relief. Of course those situations weren't completely analogous but still.

    I would be careful not to mention what the other guys said before you get each new opinion. I don't know that it matters but I think completely independent opinions are probably better. Then if the opinion differs, mention the other opinions and ask what drives the thinking. That's what I would probably do I think.

    Good luck.
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