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Thread: Leg Pain

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    Leg Pain

    Did anyone else experience severe leg pain after their surgery? My right leg has been feeling as if someone is stabbing it. It went away for about 2 weeks and then it reappeared about 4 days ago. It makes it so that I can't even sit up. I'm afraid that it's permanent. Did anyone else get this, and if so, did it go away?

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    Yes, the nerves in my right leg were traumatized after my A/P surgery and it took about 2 months for the very bad nerve pain to subside. I also had severe weakness in the same leg and it took a couple of years to get all the strength back.
    A/P fusion on June 19, 2007 at age 52; T10-L5
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    Dr. Boachie-adjei, HSS, New York

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    About 4 days post-op I had what I called severe pins and needles all up and down my right leg (same side as my anterior incision). It lessened and went away after about a week...but it was UNBELIEVABLY painful. Then at about 3months post-op I started to have paindown my right hipbone and over my quad. It would ache in the groin area, as well. I couldn't lift my leg to move my foot from the gas pedal to the brake or lift my leg to get it in the car. A slight leg lift while on my back was difficult.

    My PT adjusted my exercises and we just let it rest a bit. Her thoughts were that the femoral nerve (which runs from the middle of your back, across your hip bone and down your quad) was getting pressed on by my newly re-aligned muscles. She would spend a lot of time pulling on my leg to relieve the pressure in the groin area. It has since, with time, gotten better and I only feel it occasionally. My doctor said that if it didn't get better, he might do an MRI to see if there was scarring around the nerve from the surgery.

    Hope this helps.
    Kathy, 43
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    I have leg pain more than two years post-op. It isn't severe but a major nuisance on some days. I've had a CT/Myelogram which shows some stenosis still and am scheduled for an EMG test in a couple of weeks. My Doctor told me that after two years the pain should be gone, but in my case because it isn't, we will try to track down the problem and address it, possibly with a little more surgery. I hope your pain goes away soon. I forget how long ago your surgery was.
    Diagnosed with severe lumbar scoliosis at age 65.
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    Additional bone removed to decompress right side of L3-L4 & L4-L5 on 4/19/2010
    New England Baptist Hospital, Boston, MA
    Dr. Frank F.

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    aww sally,
    I hope they can address the problem without are in my prayers =)
    Dr. Rand was such a nice man, Was the myelogram where they inject you with dye and you have to stay lying down otherwise you get a massive headache?? I came close to having one but I never had to have it..Good luck with you next appointment
    I'll be thinking of you.

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    Back looks amazing and no more Hump! ^_^

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