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Thread: Spine specialist in San Francisco/non-surgical?

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    Spine specialist in San Francisco/non-surgical?

    I'm new to this forum, glad I found it.

    Does anyone know of any spine specialists that offer conservative treatments for scoliosis in San Francisco?

    I was told in my earl 20's that I have scoliosis, diagnosed by a chiropractor, who I only went to for about a year. In the 20 years since, I've suffered cervical pain and lumbar pain- have had MRI's and found one bulging disk in each area.

    Now in my early 40's, I'm starting to have thoracic pain as well. I went to my orthopedic doctor (she doesn't do surgery, she is a sports medicine doc) and she also told me that I have scoliosis, but she didn't do a very thorough exam. I've been going to physical therapy, and the therapist has been great in loosening up the rib joint, but hasn't done much more than that.

    I'm at the point I'd like to see a specialist to get a thorough evaluation. I'm taking a muscle relaxant and prescription NSAID, occasional vicoden. The thoracic pain is worse than I've ever had in my lower back or neck, and so it's obvious to me that my scoliosis has progressed.

    I've searched online and see that UCSF, St. Mary's, and St. Francis in San Francisco all have spine centers. Has anyone been to any of the spine centers? I'm in Marin County, so if anyone knows of a doctor here, that would be helpful as well.


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    Hi Barbara...

    I've run a support group in SF for years. The two most conservative surgeons are John Gray (private practice) and Sigurd Berven (UCSF).


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