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Thread: Rod pushing through the skin?

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    Rod pushing through the skin?

    Anybody have a rod causing them pain because it is pushing through the skin? A gyn doctor told me I should see my back surgeon because it appears the end of a rod (near the tailbone) may be pushing through my skin. For about a week, I had a sharp pain everytime I got into my car and couldn't sleep on my back...after two weeks, I am in a lot less pain so I am considering not going to my doctor...I don't want to be told I need more surgery...I think I caused this to happen by walking on a treadmill at a speed of 4 mph. Do you think the jolting could cause this to happen 4 years after surgery? History on my back: When I was 12 years old, I had a piece of bone from my hip fused to my upper spine (not sure what level). I spent 6 months in a body cast and a year in a brace. In Nov 2005, at age 54 I had anterior spinal fusion of T10-L4 and two days later posterior spinal fusion of T-10-L5. My lower spine was twisted 58 degrees before the surgery. In Mar 2005, my doctor did an osteotomy (cut a wedge of bone out of the bottom of my spine) to correct a tilt and relieve pain because he over corrected me in Nov. I also wonder if I'll ever feel like I don't need narcotics (60 mg/day) any more. Two years ago I didn't think the pain would ever go I think it might, but not in the forseeable future. Sorry this is so long...I guess I have more questions than I thought. I would be interested in reading about others successes or comments to my questions.

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    Hi Kathy
    i am sorry you have been having pain...just one question....are you thin? cause i was told be a couple of surgeons...i havent had the surgery...yet...that thin people may be aware of rods more & may even see/feel them am wondering if this is true of you...?

    i hope this resolves...but maybe a call to the doctor is in cant be made to have surgery...i hope you wont need any more!

    best of luck...

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    Can this really happen? I mean - rod poking through your skin? Is that even possible?

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    Yes, it's possible, although not terribly common.

    Kathy, I doubt this is something you caused. Either way, I think you should get it checked out. I think you also might want to get another opinion, just to be thorough.


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    I too doubt that you caused this.

    My daughter is very thin and you can feel the top of her rod or the top hook in her upper back. Jamie has never had pain from this, though. Therefore, I too think you need to see your surgeon about this.

    Mary Lou
    Mom to Jamie age 21-diagnosed at age 12-spinal fusion 12/7/2004-fused from T3-L2; and Tracy age 19, mild Scoliosis-diagnosed at age 18.

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    I have dealt with the sudden swelling and pain around the tailbone that goes away after awhile. You may want to get it checked out, to see if it's a cyst. If it is, it may be what is called a pilonidal cyst. They can go away and then return, so you may want to be forewarned about it (there are ways your doctor can tell if that is what it is, even if it has receded for a while). There are procedures to get rid of them, but I wouldn't worry about that until you know what it is for sure.
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    - Harrington rod
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    - Staying relatively painfree through physio exercises!

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    I'm new to this, forgive me

    As far as the rod protruding through the skin, been there done that. It was the top of the second set of rods that I had installed, it caused a liquid build up under my skin, it kept feeling like a bee sting, repeatedly. They removed the top portion of 1 of the rods "the claw" I think it was called, it was the easiest of the 4 surgeries I had. But unfortunately a few years later the rest of that rod had to be re moved because of the same problem,(they also shaved my ribs during that surgery) they left the other rod in place because it was so well fused to my spine. I would definitely recommend having it checked out. Best of luck

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