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  1. Hello Jennifer & Liam

    Hello Jen,

    I believe we have talked before. I am so happy to here Liam is getting the care he needs. I am taking care of Mariah who was placed in her first cast on 3/30. Do you belong to the...
  2. Tiffany with Twin Boys

    Hello Tiffany,

    Your son's curve is at 20 degrees? I am caring for a 16 mo old who has a 45 degree curve and will start serial casting on february 28th - there are lots of success stories on this...
  3. Replies

    Serial Casting on 15 month old

    Hello Scoliosis Support Group,

    Mariah will begin casting on February 28th - they will change the cast every 2 mos. untill she is 2 then every 3 mos. I have read so many helpful ideas about the...
  4. Replies

    Mariah Infantile Scoliosis 15 mos

    Hello Jennifer,

    I tried to E-mail you at your hotmail address. Have you gotton anywhere with the serial casting research? I'm not sure if Michigan has any facilities who offer this service? ...
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