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    Thanks everyone. I think I just needed some...

    Thanks everyone. I think I just needed some encouragement and "it's going to be ok" from all of you scoliosis sufferers. My problem is okay, I got the surgeries done, now let's hurry up and heal. ...
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    Feeling better but...

    Hi everyone. I don't post here much but I do follow a lot. I have ended up being fused from T3-S1 with the last surgery being September 5 & 6 of 2013. I am also on Forteo daily injections and...
  3. Thread: T11 Missing

    by Christyne

    T11 Missing

    Hi everyone,

    I'll try and make this as short and brief as possible. As of September '13 I have had 4 scoliosis surgeries with the two most recent being September 5 & 6th. My doctor had to remove...
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    I'd just like to add my .02 worth..

    I'd like to say that my scoliosis journey began when I was diagnosed at 12. I then was connected with the Shriners who provide my care until I was 19.

    I had two curves; thoracic and lumbar. My...
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    Hi Wendy, I hope you don't mind but I'd like...

    Hi Wendy,

    I hope you don't mind but I'd like to chime in with my drug-induced haze. After my first surgery in May, my husband, our son and my Mom came to see me in ICU (like normal). I then...
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    Tamena recovery

    Hi Tamena,
    I wanted to chime in and say you're doing great. My last surgery was in September where it was a 2 day affair and now I'm fully caged from top to bottom. In the hospital for a week and...
  7. Thread: TLSO Brace

    by Christyne

    TLSO Brace

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how many of you were or are required to wear a brace post surgery. And if you did, how long did you wear it for. I am fitted for and wearing a TLSO brace which is...
  8. My Update

    Hi everyone,
    I've had a hard time getting into the forums since I came home from surgery so I haven't been able to give a proper update; but now here goes...
    September 5th was the first of 2...
  9. At it again and crossing my fingers, toes, anything I can...

    Hi everyone,

    I don't post here as much as I should and I feel ashamed for wanting a pity party now...but here goes: I am having another revision surgery on September 5th to correct my issue. Get...
  10. Jess & Sparky

    Unfortunately, no he really didn't say what caused it. Honestly, at this point, I don't give a rats behind what caused it, I just want it fixed. It's painful. YUCK!!!

    Thank you for the kind...
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    Sticky: Hello! Newbie coming out of the wood-work, so to speak :)

    Hi everyone,

    My name is Christyne; I had my first surgery done at age 16 after "wearing" the Milwaukee brace for 2 years. Dr. Stephen Koop at Shriners Hospital in Minneapolis/St. Paul did my...
  12. I did have surgery in Columbus...

    Hi Peggy,

    I had surgery in Columbus on May 9 of this year. I had Harrington rods from 25 years ago however those weren't the problem. I have an S curve and the bottom curve had been progressing...
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    Linda, Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I...


    Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll need any doctor to confirm it; it's too much like what I see and read on all the scoliosis sights.

    I have my 3 month appointment...
  14. Hi Jenna, I just saw your post today and...

    Hi Jenna,

    I just saw your post today and wanted to tell you I went to OSU Spine Clinic and saw Dr. Fahardi. He is wonderful. He did a revision surgery on me May 9. I have an S curve and was...
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    Flatback AFTER Revision

    Hi everyone,
    I've been reading a lot about Flatback Syndrome because I think I have it; however I believe I got it AFTER my revision surgery/adding new hardware surgery. A part of my Harrington...
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    Of course!!!


    Yes, most definitely, without a doubt, you can cry. Cry until you can't cry anymore.

    We are all here for the same reason; to get support.

    I just had revision surgery the 9th of...
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    Just dropping in...

    Hi everyone,

    Just wanted to drop in and see how everyone is doing. I've been walking more and started outpatient physical therapy last week; talk about killer!!! I also am getting less...
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    Hi Melissa,

    I wanted to tell you that when I was in the hospital, somehow I got a wedge pillow that fit under my knees. But then, when I went to Rehab for a week, they gave me a Grabber, Sock...
  19. You all are the best!!!!

    Hi everyone! I tell ya, if you all were standing in front of me, I would be bowing down to each and every one of you. I feel a lot more comfortable right now. I think my major issue right now is the...
  20. Home but thinking I'm sliding backwards in progress...

    Hi everyone. Well, I'm finally home. My surgery was May 9th and had a few complications. I developed a blood clot in my left lung then came down with pneumonia. To put the cherry on top, I then...
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    New member; revision surgery May 9th

    Hi everyone, I'm new here and just wanted to say hi. My revision surgery is Thursday in Columbus Ohio at OSU.

    I'm 42 and had Harrington Rods done in '87. My upper curve has held however my lower...
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