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  1. Hi Sam, Wow, lots of good advice. I’m not sure...

    Hi Sam,

    Wow, lots of good advice. I’m not sure how helpful I can be, but I do know a little about PT for scoliosis so I’ll chime in.

    You mentioned your daughter having a 38˚ T & 49˚TL curve, so...
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    AIS Overview

    Thank goodness you mentioned it is against the law to post the full article without permission as I was just about to do so when I read your note. I was unable to pull the article without paying the...
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    Can you locate & post the actual article?

    September 2014, Volume 3, Number 5
    Original Research
    Serial Case Reporting Yoga for Idiopathic and Degenerative Scoliosis
    Loren M. Fishman, MD; Erik J. Groessl, PhD; Karen J. Sherman, PhD, MPH
  4. UPDATE: bad news

    DOB: 11-05-99
    HT: 4'9.75"
    WT: 110.5lbs.
    Tanner: 5
    Risser: 4
    TC: Closed
    Menarche: 3 yrs, but remains irregular
    x-ray: 04-11-13, 31˚ & 30˚
    x-ray: 10-13-14, 40˚ & 31˚
  5. Thread: Uneven Shoulders

    by AMom

    Itching Sensation


    It wasn’t the same surgery, but 31 years ago I had surgery and the roughly 8 inch incision “itched” for well over a year. It was itchy, almost tingly, not quite the feeling of a limb...
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    looking for more families using this type of targeted PT

    Hi Anna's Mom,
    My daughter loves science and has put together a project that is close to her heart, but very ambitious. Would you consider talking with her about your daughter's scoliosis progress...
  7. thanks

    Hi Pooka1,

    Yes, it has been a very frightening time. We are watching to see how much she will recover and worrying how she’ll do her freshman year in high school.

    She did contact a number of...
  8. What do you think?

    Dingo, It's good to hear that Scott continues to do well!

    Hi All,

    Several months ago, we found our daughter unconscious on our driveway. Three teeth loosened and knees, arm, chin, cheek, &...
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    6 degrees

    Saw the ortho today; he requested both front and side view x-rays again. He measured the “curve” at 6˚, which doesn’t even count as scoliosis! He agreed her lordosis looked worse, and this time...
  10. Will you help her?

    Anna’s Mom and Djjane,

    My daughter is checking her message in the children’s section (Two Exercises) every day hoping someone will respond to her request for participants in her project and no one...
  11. MedX or Cybex Core Torso Rotation and a Roman Chair

    Hi Folks,
    My daughter is working on a school project and asked me to post her request. She loves science and has put together a project that is close to her heart, but very ambitious. Even if you...
  12. Thread: Two Exercises

    by AMom

    Two Exercises

    Hi Folks,
    My daughter is working on a school project and asked me to post her request. She loves science and has put together a project that is close to her heart, but very hard to do. Even if you...
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    Torso Rotation Machine

    “…She has just been for her six monthly checkup and as per the X-rays the curve seems to have gotten much worse. It has progressed by a whopping 11 degrees in these six months….

    Her details are...
  14. Best Wishes

    Dear Mary,

    Curves usually progress quickest during growth spurts. A 13yro female is usually on the upswing of her growth spurt. Our family tried targeted PT in an effort to stabilize our...
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    Hi Rohrer01, I saw you mentioned a recumbent...

    Hi Rohrer01,

    I saw you mentioned a recumbent bike and thought I’d share our experience. My daughter always wanted to join us on family bike rides, but then rode incredibly slow and didn’t seem to...
  16. JIS and AIS

    TAMZTOM, you know Schroth's results have little to do with your daughter's results. Like you said, Rohrer means well and was only worried that this news may be a red flag with regard to long term...
  17. No One is Collecting Data

    Spoke with another family today who used targeted PT (MedX CTR, but not the roman chair or MedX Lumbar). They used it for several years with both of their daughters who had thoracic curves (1...
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    only 11 degrees

    Saw the ortho today, he requested a side view of the lumbar area (said it looked okay) and measured my younger daughter’s thoracic curve at 11˚. He’d like to see her again in Mar 2014. Eleven...
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    Inital good news

    Quick Note: Haven't seen the ortho, but I just picked up the x-rays. They ped didn't request a lateral view, but the one she did ask for shows a fairly straight C-T-L spine (per my non-professional...
  20. Great to hear from you!

    Hi Anna’s Mom,

    I was wondering how your family was doing when I wrote about our daughter’s last ortho appt. I remember when you wrote she had been stable for a year and how excited you sounded. ...
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    Question not accurately presented

    Logically, you are right about the risk of progression and waiting until an ortho has seen my child. At the moment, however, I am thinking with my emotions.

    My husband just came home and...
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    Not my second daugther too

    The girls had their physical today.

    My younger daughter’s shoulders have always been slightly rounded (this has been a problem for her in gymnastics), but recently her lower spine has been looking...
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    Dear Melissa, I’ve had several different...

    Dear Melissa,

    I’ve had several different insurance carriers over the years (not Healthnet), but whenever the services they preferred to offer (read: in-network) did not specifically address my...
  24. You are right about watching the lumbar curve

    I’ll pass your good wishes on to her. Thanks!


    I’ve watched the lumbar curve increase and worried about it twice. The first time was when it made that big jump in 2010...
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    My youngest was having some problems a while ago...

    My youngest was having some problems a while ago and the doctor gave her these two, almost identical, lists in addition to the pills prescribed. (He told me the daily fruits I had been serving most...
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