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    Linda , I'm concerned about having " fellows"...

    Linda , I'm concerned about having " fellows" participate in my surgery . Should I express my concerns . I'm scheduled 99/13/2018 Dr Lehman Columbia Spine . Thanks
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    Dr Errico

    Hi I'm having a difficult time choosing a surgeon . I was going with Dr Lehman at Columbia , but I'm concerned with " fellows" who are advanced surgical students participating in my surgery . What...
  3. Insurance

    I'm going through a similar situation. The insurance I have as primary doesn't pay very well even with Medicare as my secondary . Dr Lenke won't even see me because of my insurance . I agree that the...
  4. Hss

    Hi I was wondering what Dr did your surgery at HSS ? I need a Harrington rod revision and full fusion. Thanks hope your feeling great
  5. Thread: Surgeon

    by LisalisaB2017


    Im stiol trying to find a surgeon that I feel confident with that takes my insurance . Im on long isalnd NYC area . Any suggestions
  6. Dr search

    Hi Nancy , I've talked to one person who had scoliosis correct as an adult by Dr Lonner and she is very happy( not revision) but the forum has him as one of the better ones . I'm having a difficult...
  7. Hardware removal

    Hi ! You're too young to be living in such pain on a daily basis ! I know it is scary to consider going through major surgery again but the pain and damage from misplaced hardware will only get worse...
  8. Surgeon

    Hi thank you so much for the information ! I will call today
  9. Surgeon

    Dr Lenke doesn't accept my insurance 😩 , none of the Dr at HSS do either
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    Surgeon recommendation again

    Hi I received many recommendations but none of the surgeons accept my insurance . A little Back ground . I have Harrington rod T2-T12 and L4-L5 fusion . I have DDD, spinal stenosis and nerve root...
  11. More fusion

    Hi Nancy I was wondering if you chose a surgeon? I've come to accept I can not go to Dr Lenke ( out of network ) or any Dr at HSS they are out of network too. Good luck on your search
  12. Extending my fusion

    I don't know how to make my final choice of surgeon ! I had a consult with Dr McCance he was very thorough and answered all my questions . I'm hesitant because I don't want a cat scan myelogram !...
  13. Extending my fusion

    Hi I know the only possible solution to resolve pain from spinal stenosis and lumbar degeneration is to have my Harrington rod fusion extended from T12 to my pelvis . Im having anxiety choosing a...
  14. Re : more surgery

    I had my original scoliosis surgery at HSS by Dr Grahm, he has since passed away . I want to see Dr Lenke , he has been highly recommended . Unfortunately he isn't on my insurance and they will not...
  15. More surgery ?? Surgeon recommendation ??

    I am 56 year old female . I need advice . I wore Milwaukee brace 13-15 y/o had surgery at 17 Harrington rod T2-T12 . I was relatively pain free and active for years . I started having increased pain...
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