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    the wait

    Doreen, Please let us know when you know something! Waiting is no fun for anyone.
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    Incredible story

    [QUOTE=Kat3573;148825]they cut off both of his legs at like a really young age./QUOTE]
    I know how blessed I am to have come through polio and scoliosis surgery so well! What an incredible story! And...
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    Scoliosis Surgery in a polio survivor

    Everyone is different I know. I am thrilled with my lack of leg nerve pain after my scoliosis surgery with Dr. Lenke! I'm also very concerned that my legs seem much weaker than they did prior to...
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    Gait problems, too! Any more specific advice?

    I'm so happy to see this thread! I thought I may be the only one after seeing all the success stories. Basically, I would describe my gait for the first 4 months post-op as "toddler with a very wet...
  5. You didn't sound harsh!

    I'm not a very compliant person, and I REALLY needed some tough words! I really appreciate you giving them to me. Really!
  6. So is there any specific thing you especially should avoid?

    At 2 months, I thought he told me to try things and don't do them if they hurt. (My husband didn't hear it that way.) That's why I posed the question. Thank you! Someone else told me that I could...
  7. Very helpful and VERY scary!

    Is there no way they could have told you that you weren't totally fused?
  8. Is it too personal to ask how your rods broke?

    [QUOTE=leahdragonfly;145363]Hi there,

    as someone who suffered broken rods and a huge revision surgery to fix them, I am absolutely open-mouthed reading your post.
  9. That's exactly the kick in the pants/encouragement I needed!

    Thank you so much for your responses! I don't mean to be a wise (insert your own word here) but I really needed to hear that from patients. I have new twin grandbabies and a special needs grandbaby...
  10. What is the point of post-surgical restrictions really?

    If I feel like bending to pick something off the floor, what can it hurt? I may be a little sore after, so. . .? Am I messing up my fusion to do things like that? Will it make me less straight? I...
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    I was just about to ask everyone that question!

    I had surgery w/Dr. Lenke August 8 and stayed 2 weeks in St. Louis rehab. which really helped. However, when I got home I had a physical therapist who had me doing an exercise that really messed up...
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    Thank you so much for your encouragement!

    I hope to be one of the encouragers in Dr. Lenke's office soon.
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    Dr. Lenke's waiting room

    Wednesday, July 25, was my pre-op visit with Dr. Lenke (surgery on August 8, hopefully) and all the pre-op tests. One of the most helpful times for my husband and me was getting to talk to patients...
  14. Kind of memory foam? Surgery Aug 8, Lord willing, w/ Dr. Lenke.Also, other questions

    Should I get twin size for the motel stay as well as king size for home? How thick? What brand? From where? All you Lenke-patients: what else do I need besides the scoliosis kit that they give you?...
  15. Hello! Guess I got your August 8 spot!

    (Guess I should change the name of this thread as my surgery has been changed to July 28! )
    I'm really excited and scared. I hope your pre-op goes well. I also hope I pass mine:)
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    Surgery in Memphis

    There is a surgeon in Memphis who trained some with Dr. Lenke named Julius Fernandez with Semmes-Murphy. That may be a closer location for you to try. I have heard good things about him.
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    Nausea coming from withdrawal?

    Do you think there's any chance the nausea is coming from withdrawal, rather than the Vicodin?
    Hello: I don't know about your situation, but all of the medicines you've mentioned make me very...
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    I think I may have seen you at Dr. Lenke's yesterday.

    I was there for my first visit. How exciting for you to almost be on the other side!
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