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    don't you need surgery? most dr said that if over...

    don't you need surgery? most dr said that if over 45 or 50 degree, it needs surgery, my daughter is 89 now, from 27 degree, 3 years ago, now she is 12yr young.
  2. Thread: spinecor

    by Katie12YROLD

    My daughter was the same before

    My daughter was same as your case, also was 10 yr old , from 32 to 76 now in 3 she is 12, I hope you do yoga exercise as your routine job, it may get help. and i don't think spincore will...
  3. scoilosis

    Hi, how is your daughter ? is she still has scoliosis? or getting better? My daughter has 58 degree, she is 12 year old. We are looking for help,thanks.
    Katie's Mom
  4. scoilosis

    Hi, Helen, my daughter has 58 degree scoliosis, I was wondering if your daughter is getting better now by schroth therapis and brace? because we just begin to see B Torrs,thank you,
    Katie's Mom
  5. How are you all doing?

    Hello Gabby's Mum, I hope you are doing well. Is she still in the hospital?
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    How is Dr. Gupta?

    My parents are trying to schedule an appointment, what have they told you so far about it? what's your curve? i live in the east bay :confused:
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